TRUE Bonds

At Colquímica Adhesives, we are acutely aware of the importance of the people who, directly or indirectly, handle our adhesives. For this reason, we attach great importance to the quality of the relationships we create and the benefits that arise therefrom to our work.

Thus, we preserve the essential values of equity, security, well-being and professional development, respecting the universal values and rights prescribed in the Universal Charter of Human Rights. We also ensure compliance with all legal regulations in force and applicable to our activity.

Furthermore, at Colquímica Adhesives, we promote a friendly environment of close proximity, in which we value and recognise individual efforts and commitment, as well as the performance and development of our employees' professional skills, through the promotion of accountability, as a way of ensuring commitment by each individual, and the sharing of common goals and objectives.

We are, thus, committed to supporting constant learning by our employees, both in Portugal and in Poland, through ongoing specialised training. We invest in the knowledge and learning of new technologies, in order to offer the highest quality in our products. At Colquímica Adhesives, we believe in the ability to innovate, in the power of knowledge and the constant updating of those who dedicate themselves to producing our industrial adhesives every day. In this regard, Colquímica Adhesives is continuously increasing the number of employees in Portugal and Poland, in order to face the growth in our economic activity.