Through our sustainability policy, we seek to always act in a conscientious way, in order to satisfy the various stakeholders and minimise any impacts thereon. 


Economics Outlook

Ethics and Transparency Establish ethical and mutually beneficial relationships of partnership with the various stakeholders

Reject all kinds of corruption (including bribery and extortion) in the development of Colquímica Adhesives' business
Caution Continuously improve our business performance

Achieve high levels of profitability, which guarantee sustained growth for Colquímica Adhesives
Innovation Antecipar, superar e satisfazer necessidades e expectativas dos clientes, criando valor e desenvolvendo soluções inovadoras e diferenciadoras

Promover uma cultura de criatividade, empreendedorismo e excelência

Community Outlook

Corporate Responsibility Procurar apoiar as principais iniciativas das comunidades envolventes

Procurar selecionar fornecedores e recrutamento de novos colaboradores na comunidade

Promover a participação dos Colaboradores em projetos de apoio à comunidade e voluntariado

Safety Outlook

Health and Safety Minimise potential risks to the environment and to safety in any communities or populations exposed to the activities of Colquímica Adhesives

Provide good working conditions, by minimising occupational hazards and ensuring a responsible use of PPE's

Provide products that do not pose any risks to the health and safety of end-users, by supplying precautionary information, including in matters of health and safety and the environment, thus ensuring compliance with applicable legislation, in particular the REACH Regulation

Environment Outlook

Environmental Protection Prevent pollution, by adopting methodologies for the rational use of resources and disseminating them among employees, with a view to minimising negative environmental impacts (minimise emissions, waste production, and energy and water consumption)