We invest in our people's careers.

If you identify with our values, understand and feel able to respond to the company's vision, find out more about Colquímica and maybe you'll stick around!

What do we offer? 

We promote the personal development of our employees, through our commitment to continuous training and the recognition of excellence and spirit of initiative.

We also find it very important to promote a healthy work environment, which contributes to the well-being of employees and increases their productivity, thus seeking to contribute to establishing a good balance between work and personal life.

If you decide to stick with us, there are several perks coming your way:

- Team-building activities

- Health Insurance

- Discounts, Under Our Protocols

- Leisure Room with Library

Work environment

We aim at creating a relaxed work environment for our staff, with safe and healthy working conditions, where we encourage the dissemination of the principles, values and regulations that we consider essential to the maintenance and consolidation of a culture of workplace risk prevention. Relationships between employees are guided by loyalty, respect, friendliness and spirit of cooperation. Throughout the year, social and team-building events are held, with a view to strengthening team spirit among all staff members.


Investment in the training and professional development of our employees is a strategic priority for the company, as it equips them to face increasingly complex and difficult challenges. The company provides an annual training plan for its employees, with a view to developing their skills in different areas – Behavioural, Quality, Environment and Safety; Finance Management; Marketing and Sales; Computers and Technology.

Implementation of Ideas

We aim at bringing out in our employees an attitude of proactiveness and commitment towards the Organisation, and the will to collaborate in the implementation of innovative solutions that generate added value. But above all, you will have the opportunity to implement your own ideas and be involved in the development of new products and technologies.

Merit and Recognition

We promote a culture of meritocracy, where differentiation in the performance and contributions by our employees and teams is supported by recognition processes and tools, with a view to giving each employee a clear perception of their impact on the organisation.

The performance evaluation process takes place on an annual basis and focuses on the principle of consistent and progressive employee development, with a view to aligning individual skills with the development and growth of Colquímica's business.

The results of this process will impact your progression within the organisation, as well as on the variable portion of the remuneration and on any salary adjustments that may take place.

Careers at Colquímica

research & development

We are responsible for the development of new products and we always strive to be at the forefront in terms of innovation, and offer the market and our customers differentiating and flexible solutions.

Our areas of operation: Research and Development, Innovation, Laboratory Testing


We are in charge of planning production, taking into account customer requests. We ensure quality, respect for safety standards and maximum efficiency.

Our areas of operation: Production Engineering, Maintenance, Continuous Improvement

sales representatives

We are responsible for establishing the primary contact with our customers, in order to ensure that their needs are met, in terms of requirements, delivery times, doubt clarification, complaints and technical support. We also identify new business/development opportunities.

Our areas of operation: Sales, Customer Support, Order Management


We are responsible for managing our institutional image, ensuring that the information intended for internal and external communications remains updated and relevant. We also prepare and oversee the execution of the annual Marketing Plan, and effectively organise events for customers.

Our areas of operation: Internal Communication, External Communication, Event Management, Institutional Image

information systems

We are responsible for ensuring the efficiency of our information and communication systems. We promote the correct use of the company's computer equipment and we seek to provide innovative technologies.

Our areas of operation: System Administration, Communication Networks and Infrastructures, Microcomputing and User Support, Management of Information Systems/ERPs

procurement and logistics

We are responsible for selecting and purchasing packaging and raw materials that meet the quality standards we are known for, guaranteeing the minimum stocks for production. We also manage the storage of finished products and guarantee excellence all throughout their production, up to their delivery to the customer.

Our areas of operation: Procurement, Warehouse Management, Stock Management, Logistics

quality, environment, hygiene and occupational safety

We are responsible for ensuring good conditions and safety at the workplace. We promote an environmentally-friendly production, raise corporate-wide awareness to ethical and social responsibilities, and ensure compliance with the rules of the company's quality system.

Our areas of operation: Quality Management System, Accreditation Management, Management of Nonconformities, Environment, Sustainability, Health and Safety

technical officers

We are responsible for controlling the quality of raw materials and end products, and we assist our customers in solving technical issues.

Our areas of operation: Quality Control, Laboratory Testing and Inspection, Product Recasting

financial officers

We are responsible for the economic-financial analyses that support decision-making by the different departments, which help the company to be more efficient. We also control costs and ensure that the company meets the requirements imposed by any legal entities.

Our areas of operation: Treasury, Accounting, Finance, Taxes, Credit Control

Human Resources

We are responsible for supporting our Managers and Employees in achieving personal and professional goals. We also foster team spirit, the balance between personal and professional life and job satisfaction, through the application of industry best practices.

Our areas of operation: Recruitment and Selection, Welcoming and Onboarding, Training and Development, Compensation and Benefits, Administrative Management of Human Resources, Occupational Medicine and Health