COVID-19 Actions
01 ABR 2020

COVID-19 Actions


The company is producing hand sanitizing gel to support health institutions.

Colquímica Adhesives, one of the largest players worldwide in the development and sale of adhesives for industrial applications, readapted its production lines to guarantee the satisfaction of urgent needs caused by the pandemic of the new coronavirus, namely for the medical care, hospital and food markets. 

The COVID-19 pandemic caused an extraordinary need for products for the medical and hospital industry, as well as for the food industry. 
In this context, the company with a consolidated position for over 65 years in the development of excellent solutions, is aware of the importance of its products in the manufacturing processes of essential products, such as food and beverages, baby and adult diapers, sanitary towels, personal protective masks and hospital gowns. A strict contingency plan was adopted, ensuring the health and safety of the employees, in order to keep the commitment to the market at this particularly demanding time. 

The organization is in permanent contact with the local health entities, in order to support them in providing disposable protective materials for health professionals. At the same time, Colquímica Adhesives allocated a large part of human and material resources to the production of hand sanitizing gel.

In parallel, the company based in Portugal and Poland has developed a set of direct actions to support hospital centres, nursing homes and police stations to which they have already donated hand sanitizing gel, surgical and protective masks, disposable gloves,  disposable towels, and protective shoe covers. 

“As an organization we believe that we have a role to play in the community and in the ecosystem that surrounds us. In this time when human and material infrastructures are particularly exposed, it is our obligation to contribute to the collective overcoming of this obstacle”, explains João Pedro Koehler, CEO of Colquímica Adhesives.

With a total production capacity of 65 thousand tons of industrial adhesives per year, the company founded in 1953 in Valongo, has three production units, two in Portugal and one in Poland (since 2013), which allows it to develop quality solutions for each market in which it operates, in more than 60 countries, throughout all over the world.

About Colquímica Adhesives
Colquímica Adhesives, managed by CEO João Pedro Koehler and executive directors Sofia Koehler and Pedro Gonçalves, takes a strong position in the market in which it operates, having already exceeded 65 years of experience in the development and sale of adhesives for industrial applications. Present in more than 60 countries, throughout all over the world, it has production units in Portugal and Poland (since 2013). Colquímica Adhesives is one of the most important global players in the sector, having reached in 2019 a turnover of 105 million euros.