Investing in Innovation to Sustain Competitiveness in the Market
18 SET 2020

Investing in Innovation to Sustain Competitiveness in the Market

Information, now commonly referred to as ‘big data’, is one of the drivers of both human and business activity. Regardless of the size or branch of activity, an organization needs information to achieve, pursue and comply with the goals it proposes.

The need for an organization to have an adequate infrastructure for gathering, storage, processing, and distribution of this data, means that a large part of its effort is channeled into this subject. This means that any modern company currently uses Information Technology (IT) to guarantee the functioning of information systems as an infrastructure to support the flow of information.

The question is: what are the real benefits and valences brought by Information Technology? This model promoted a complete organizational change, in different aspects. Not only it impacted the communication between employees, but also work processes, policies, as well as the performance of different activities. It also meant changes in terms of personal skills since communication / information flows have now become a central theme for companies. An unquestionable proof of this statement is the fact that corporate structures have invested in IT tools because they believe it will enable them to carry out their operations quicker and at a lower cost, using them for strategic purposes and to plan and achieve independent operational goals.

According to Craig Williams, Ciena's Vice President and Chief Information Officer, “While technology changes quickly and customer demands evolves at an insane pace, IT needs to be part of a company's competitive advantage and mindset to help boost the business. It is imperative to cultivate this mindset within IT and spread it virally throughout the company's culture.”

Technology has indeed brought about a change in the paradigm of companies. A revolution that is not restricted to the way of producing goods and services but also induces new processes and mechanisms that completely affect the structure and behavior of organizations, directly influencing their management.

On the other hand, I think that it is still necessary to highlight the importance of adopting equally effective security mechanisms in this technology. Computer innovation in this field have brought with it a growing insecurity and exposure that organizations must be aware of and able to protect themselves accordingly. The fast pace of technological innovation makes it difficult to permanently update security infrastructures, but it is essential that all companies understand that this is an investment that turns into an effective return, and that transfers trust and transparency to all their stakeholders.

In conclusion, it is undeniable that technology is an essential part of the development and progress of any structure, hence neglecting its importance will result in a cyclical delay that will quickly translate into chronic inefficiencies. However, it is essential that it is understood that its correct enhancement is dependent on the integration in a well-defined security model, rigorously designed, effectively implemented and whose application must be independently audited.


Hugo Sousa

IT Director