Leading in times of crisis
25 MAR 2020

Leading in times of crisis

The new COVID-19 pandemic has challenged company managers to lead based on assumptions that change by the minute.

Even large companies, which have crisis management departments that develop contingency and communication plans to deal with different potential crises, will not have anticipated this disease outbreak that quickly became a pandemic and that is having dramatic implications for the health and the global economy.

In a context of extraordinary uncertainty, leaders must act based on seven main pillars:

     1. Immediate health protection for employees and partners

This will always be Colquímica Adhesives' first priority. For that reason, we are in permanent contact with the Health Authorities to assess the risks and take the appropriate actions according to the recommendations. We have been adopting measures that comply with the best practices, in a preventive and foresight perspective.

     2. Contribution to supply chains of essential goods

We are aware of the importance of our adhesives in this particular situation. Our products are the result of our work and effort and are indispensable for the production of baby and adult diapers, sanitary towels, personal protective masks, hospital gowns, as well as in the labelling of food and beverages.

In this context, our employees reinforced by the sense of purpose have tried to keep the normal workflow in order to meet requirements of our customers.

     3. Business sustainability

Faced with this unparalleled episode, very different from the usual fluctuations that affect the economy, we are working on several plans to face the different risks in order to minimize the impacts that will be felt in the short, medium and long term. Ensuring the economic well-being of our People is a high priority.

     4. Business ethics

In this troubled period, this point is extremely important.

We must always act with maximum ethical awareness and make thoughtful decisions. This is not the time to take advantage of the market weakness.

In times like this, companies should look for stability and long-term commitments and solutions that protect their partners.

     5. Contribution to civil society

We live in extraordinary times. Probably none of us will face another scenario like the current one throughout the entire life.

At Colquímica Adhesives, we are in contact with local health entities, in order to support them in providing disposable protective materials for our health professionals.

     6. Effective communication with employees and partners

In a time of crisis, communication is even more important.

This communication must be regular and transparent since it proves that the leadership team is constantly adjusting its actions to the new events. Thus it will make all stakeholders more confident.

     7. Transmitting a positive and hopeful message

Companies must convey positive and hopeful messages to their employees and partners.

It is time to reveal our human side and to realize that business are sustained on personal and trusting relationships.

At Colquímica Adhesives, we are confident in the future and we believe that the impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will make us even more resilient and strengthen our bonds with our collaborators and partners.

Published by
Sofia Koehler
Vice-president | Colquímica Adhesives