Sustainability is now
28 JAN 2020

Sustainability is now

The ideal sustainable development of companies or countries is the one that encourages the cooperation between Economy, Society and Nature, taking into account the biodiversity, as well as respecting the natural resources of both current and future generations.

The application of measures to combat climate change at European and global levels has been at the forefront of the international agenda. In fact, the United Nations (UN) and the new European Commission have recently proclaimed the Green Pact, aiming to achieve a complete decarbonisation by 2050.

However, the responsibility to implement these procedures should not fall only on countries and international institutions. The business enterprises must play a leading role in combating the climate crisis, as their influence on society requests this commitment. I am pleased to say that, in a multidisciplinary perspective, Colquímica Adhesives' actions are of innovative and responsible nature. As a result, preserving the ecosystem is one of our main concerns. We are indeed aware of the active role that our activity plays in today's society, in which we intend to create a positive impact, based on a mindset of prevention, mitigation and compensation of environmental effects.

Sustainability implies a long-term commitment that requires profound changes in our choices and behaviors. As far as we are concerned, a responsible and sustainable company is one that assesses its performance in relation to how it is internally organized. Therefore, we underline the impact of a company’s activity, as well as the operating policy between enterprises and its suppliers, the exploitation of non-renewable resources and, last but not the least, the company’s relationship with the community in which it operates.

The stakeholders' perceptions of these issues are shifting, thus business strategies for companies will have to face new challenges, keeping in mind that environmental sustainability is strategic for their survival.

Nevertheless, I find it vital to point out that individual actions remain essential, if not primordial. After all, they set the example and inspire great part of society by encouraging others to do the same, as they impact and send strong social signals.

As a result, at Colquímica Adhesives we have been developing and implementing a set of excellent environmental practices in several subjects. These actions not only have contributed to the continuous development of the company’s environmental performance, but also to a shift of its People mindset. The “Watch the Colplanet” campaign is an example of our growing environmental concerns. In 2019, it occurred alongside with the European Mobility Week and the main objective was the awareness to reduce the consumption of natural resources.

We genuinely believe that we are stronger together and that change must be based on the consciousness that we only have one Earth. So, backed up by our employees and with the support of our partners, we will be able to create the business model we have been idealizing since the beginning of our history: sustainable and able to respond to the distinct demands of the markets in which we operate.

Finally, we will continue to answer to the challenges of the present, but always focused on the future.

Published by
Carla Barbosa
Quality, Environment & HS Manager