The Transformation of the Sales Department in the Covid-19 Era
29 OUT 2020

The Transformation of the Sales Department in the Covid-19 Era

What transformation challenges do companies and business have to face in the current context?

The traditional models of work that we saw being carried out before the pandemic, and which until then had proved to work effectively, no longer present themselves as solutions in the face of an extraordinary situation like the one we are experiencing today.

The fast evolution of the virus at a global level is impacting the business sector worldwide. Therefore, the global and interconnected nature of the business environment is threatened. Unless it is quickly reinvented, it is causing significant losses that could further affect the global economy.

In the sales context, it is also easy to see that transformation and innovation have been the major accelerators of positive change globally. In order to fulfill the sales objectives, this department had to reinvent itself, create new sales techniques and interact differently to its customers, at a time when physical proximity seems far from being a reality again. Distance leads to uncertainties and fears, on which it is urgent to act.

Home office, videoconference meetings and e-mail marketing have been implemented, practices that demonstrate the adaptation and resilience of the business sector to the demands of the new world. Within a sea of ​​uncertainties, there is a perception that seems to be unanimous: the coronavirus crisis will have lasting effects on the way we work and relate to our customers. The outbreak is plaguing all countries and it may be the starting point for the generalization of remote working models.

After this period of uncertainty, some issues will become clearer: it is crucial to deal with unpredictability; traditional sales strategies have to be changed, increasingly going digital.

Without a sales department that is prepared to switch to new working models, it will be increasingly challenging for companies to ensure the maintenance of their activity. Teleworking, virtual reality, online conferences or streaming platforms are here to stay, and it is not surprising that the stock market of these online solutions companies is growing quickly.

Technology has taken its roots for the sake of business survival. In sales, where values ​​such as trust and transparency reach their maximum importance, this must be enhanced in order to blur distances, uncertainties and fears. For this reason, finding alternative ways of communicating with customers, giving them confidence and remaining on top of mind are positioned as the priorities of these sectors. These are the principles of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for the year 2021, and the key steps towards customer loyalty.

In this way, Colquímica Adhesives will not give in to pessimism, to the weight of the unknown that is brought by this indisputably desolate situation. In this era, where solutions are needed, not problems, we will do our part to maintain a positive spirit and keeping Colquímica's services to its partners, even in alternative ways, at 100%.