Be an industrial love brand: the challenge
13 SET 2019

Be an industrial love brand: the challenge

Industry is a sector of the economy that aggregates a set of productive activities, characterized by the transformation of raw materials into products indispensable for the economy.

Being the starting point of a usually extensive value chain is often underrated - a trend that fortunately seems to be changing.Effectively, a purely industrial brand does not have to be devoid of personality - the challenges in this regard are that they may be greater than those of a brand that relates directly to the consumer.

The first investigations concerning the construction of love brands were made from the studies of Shimp (1988), which adapted to Sternberg's “Theory of Love” to study the relations between consumers and products. According to him, the psychological processes interact differently in various combinations to determine the relations of the consumers with the objects of consumption. The feeling of love becomes a symbology in consumer-product relations. However, this relationship is built every day, in all actions.

At Colquímica Adhesives we develop, produce and market adhesives for the various sectors of industrial activity with a look at the future and add value when developing new technologies, being able to innovate in a sector that sometimes goes unnoticed.
Brands are not only subject to the technological revolution. They also must adapt to new, more demanding types of consumers, not just the type of products or services they choose, but also the values that brands convey. Today, companies must have global concerns, such as resource sustainability or equality at work. They should be an example of integrity, of transparency.

These days, where brands face a lot of competition due to technological developments, where any company can advertise its product or service and reach many potential consumers, brands already on the market run the risk of seeing their attributes transformed into commodities, not being able to differentiate from the others. It is here that the management of brand equity plays a decisive role, especially when brands try to pass on intangible and particular values - the great change of brands with the rise of the intangible as a form of differentiation. This allows brands to protect themselves from the globalization of competition, the fragmentation of markets and the technological revolution.

The reputation of a brand in any industry is based on the emotions and values they convey to their customers. Consumers, in turn, choose products and services from brands that motivate them, nourishing feelings of preference based on the emotion that the products (or services) make them feel, such as the degree of satisfaction in this relationship.

An Industrial Love Brand can represent products or services in their functional, rational or tangible dimensions, but also symbolic, emotional or intangible if they match the brand. This is the approach Colquímica Adhesives takes on the market: we do not just want to sell a good product - we want to guarantee proximity, generate relationships, create positive emotions. We want to create bonds.

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Sofia Koehler
Vice-president | Colquimica Adhesives