Our goal is to involve, engage and to challenge our employees

We want to grow and to promote growth. We rely on qualified and committed professionals who, every day, together with their teammates, help to make Colquímica a leading company and a reference in its industry.

Principles Underpinning the Policy


Human and social rights

At Colquímica, we respect the principles and values enshrined in domestic and international legislation on Human and Social Rights, as well as the principles prescribed by the International Labor Organisation (ILO). We strive for equality of opportunity and rights.

Health and Well-Being

Colquímica provides curative and preventive medicine services at its facilities, thus guaranteeing the physical and psychological well-being of its employees. We also encourage an active lifestyle, by promoting health and well-being habits.

Personal Development and Career Advancement

The personal development and advancement of each of our employees is important to us. Our recruitment and training processes, remuneration policies and career advancement processes are developed based on industry best practices. We are committed to ensuring that employees are remunerated fairly, which includes the fixed and variable remuneration amounts paid, benefits and also a system of personal and professional development based on merit, qualifications and equal opportunities.

Occupational Health and Safety

Colquímica, aware of its responsibilities, and in compliance with legislation in force, ensures the safety and health of its employees, especially as regards the prevention and minimisation of the risks inherent to its activity.