A Today’s Policy for a Vision of Tomorrow
30 NOV 2020

A Today’s Policy for a Vision of Tomorrow

In the DNA of Colquímica Adhesives, three main pillars stand out: Proximity, Agility and Innovation.

Proximity reflects the way we perceive all stakeholders we interact throughout our value chain. Committed to the slogan “Creating Bonds”, we promote solid and responsible connections with all customers and partners. But these connections are not restricted to current relationships. On the contrary, they demand a constant responsibility towards future generations. A responsibility that we embrace, through a sustainability policy that operates in the present with a permanent commitment to the future. The commitment to preserve resources, to promote diversity and to deliver a greener planet than the one we currently know.

This policy requires an enormous agility on the market. In a world in constant change, whose pace of transition is increasingly fast, the ability to respond to current needs in an efficient and responsible manner is crucial for any organization. It is in this balance between production optimization and environmental sustainability that we seek to distinguish ourselves. Progress is built responsibly, through a double efficiency, both financial and ecological, which allows us to increase competitiveness in the market, responding to the demands of partners and customers, without squandering essential resources for future generations.

The key to the effectiveness of this vision lies in our third pillar: innovation. It is anchored in our Research & Development that we have carried out a set of improvements in our processes and materials, with a great focus on technology. In recent years, the investment made in research processes has resulted in decisive contributions to our productive and ecological competitiveness.

Low Melt adhesives were one of the most important innovation in our line of products. Due to the cooling of the adhesive inside the tank, it allows for an energy efficient product, with a lower application time.

We have also promoted the creation of new ranges, which are recognized by the better adhesion and low density of the raw materials that compose them, thus ensuring the reduction of the amount of adhesive applied. Spraycare has revolutionized the hygiene industry, by using high-performance adhesives based on polyolefins, which can be applied in spray at very low temperatures. It combines the low density and the reduction of the used material to a higher performance that comes with less odor. Due to this combination of properties, this range represents the highest state of the art for the application of Hygiene currently at Colquimica Adhesives.

Another area to which we have devoted special attention is waste management. Every year, we set ambitious goals that aim not only to reduce the waste, but also to manage it. In 2019, we saw a 12% increase in the amount of waste sent for recovery. At the same time, the reduction in the production of dangerous waste was 13%, a goal that we were able to achieve due to the acquisition of equipment that cleans maintenance parts, filters and laboratory products, eliminating the use of solvents. Those were positive outcomes, but which keep us committed to the ambitious aim of increasing the recovery of waste by 25%, reducing dangerous waste by 10% and the amount of total waste per ton of glue by 3%.

Our environmental policy takes a significant boost in 2020. The focus on the formulation of bio-based products, which aim to reduce the use of non-renewable raw materials, culminates in the creation of a new brand. A range entirely dedicated to adhesives produced from certified renewable sources, with an adhesion reinforced by natural resins. This is an environmentally friendly brand that protects natural resources and reduces the emission of polluting gases, while ensuring the maintenance of the high levels of quality and performance recognized to Colquímica Adhesives products.

This priority reflects the organization's continuous investment in the development of environmentally friendly solutions and consolidates Colquímica Adhesives as one of the most sustainable players in the market. However, it is important to note that this is a shared purpose. The transformation of the value chain into a green process is a challenge whose success requires the collaboration of all stakeholders who intervene in it. A collective commitment, which we are proud to embrace together with our customers, suppliers, universities and research centers.

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